Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring at the Zoo

On Friday I took the kids to the zoo to take advantage of our last day of membership. I hadn't taken my camera recently on our zoo trips because we go so often and you only need so many of the same zoo pictures, right? I made a special effort to take some photos this time and got some good ones.

It made my heart full to see my two kids, side by side, enjoying the giraffes.

I wish I had been able to get some video on this one. Rylan was cooing sweet nothings and totally charming this baby giraffe.

Lion tamer.
The zoo has a new "exhibit" which kind of looks like a phone booth, but is actually a special wind tunnel simulating African winds. What were they thinking? Charging people to experience strong winds? We get that every spring day for free here in Colorado!

Caroline could finally climb up the slide ladder by herself. We always had to stop and picnic in the playground area.

We also never missed a ride on the carousel.

My favorite picture. Love the blooming daffodils in the background!

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