Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snip, snip again...

As much as I loved Caroline's new ponytails, I decided to break out the scissors today. Her hair was looking pretty stringy at the ends and was constantly getting sticky food in it. She is not fond of me brushing or fixing it, so until she is ready to be more cooperative, I am going to make life easier on both of us.
I was debating about taking her up to Great Clips, but decided to try cutting it myself. I put her in her booster seat with a bowl of cheerios and amazingly she hardly noticed what I was doing. She didn't like my water spray bottle, but sat pretty still for the scissors part. I am very happy with the results although I kept the scissors handy for neatening up any stray ends!
I never noticed it with the first haircut, but I think she has a cowlick in almost the same place I do. Her hair wants to flip out in a certain spot, just like mine.

Caroline helps me with the combing part.

Side view.

Precious girl.

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