Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dentist, take 2

Rylan had his appointment to repair his cavities today. He couldn't eat after midnight, so the lack of breakfast was pretty upsetting to him. I purposely scheduled our appointment as early as possible to make that less of an issue, and thankfully Charlton was able to watch Caroline so I could focus just on making things smoother for Rylan. I was nervous about the whole ordeal and guilty that I couldn't have prevented him from getting a cavity in the first place.
The oral sedation made Rylan pretty loopy and I enjoyed being able to cuddle him while we were waiting for it to take full effect. He was giggly and kept saying "hi" and "thank you for working on me" over and over again to the hygienists. They came out to give me an update and said he was so sweet they were going to keep him. The next update was longer in coming and they told me he had gotten mad and was "done" before it was time. Haha! That sounded more like the real Rylan. Evidently kiddos can have pretty wide mood swings on the medication. Overall, he did very well and I was so proud of him. Charlton had surprise toys from Wal-Mart and I fixed his breakfast request, pancakes.
I did well too, and didn't even get teary until we were home and he was down for his nap. I almost lost it when the secretary asked if I was okay while waiting. It was hard to see my little guy have to go through such a procedure, but everyone at the dentist's office was really great with him. Wheww, I am so glad that is over.

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