Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little gym

This summer in Kentucky, Rylan visited his cousin's Little Gym class on "Bring a friend day". Yes, it totally worked, because he had a great time and it got us thinking about signing him up for a class in Colorado. I had also been thinking a lot about preschool for Rylan this fall. I wanted him to learn how to follow another adult's instructions, lengthen his attention span for an activity, and build more confidence with his peers in social situations. I am not in a hurry to push academics, so a gym class seemed a good fit. This was his second week, and my first week to take him. The theme was "Robot Riot", which couldn't have been more perfect for my robot-loving boy. He pretends to me a robot most of the time we are in public. (It works great in the grocery, because my "helper robot" will grab things off the shelves for me.)
I don't think Rylan stopped smiling the entire hour-long class, and I loved seeing his joy in running, climbing, jumping, swinging, and flipping. He got distracted by all the cool equipment and had to be re-directed back to the group several times, but overall seemed to be following directions well. I think this class is going to be a really great thing for him.

Sorry the pictures aren't great, I had to shoot them through the glass.

There are 4 other girls in Rylan's gymnastics class. Maybe we'll have some boys sign up later. There would probably be more boys in the sports class, but unfortunately it is held right in the middle of naptime.

Rylan trying to walk like a robot on the balance beam. He told me his teacher, Miss Evelyn is really nice, which is also encouraging, because he hasn't ever told me he likes his teachers.

When's my turn? Caroline is fascinated with watching the other kids. We have two extra classes that I am planning to use for her and I think she will love it, too.

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