Friday, July 9, 2010

Rylan and Caroline in Kentucky

I am finally getting to post some pictures of our Kentucky trip at the end of June. Between me and my dad, we got hundreds of great pictures. It was really hard to pick out just these favorites, but I think it gives you a good snapshot of our time together.

Nana took Rylan down to the creek on our first night. He returned muddy, soaking wet, and so happy. We capped off the evening with chocolate chip cookies.

Rylan sits on High Hopes! He was excited about "riding" her and I was proud of him for being so brave after he saw what big animals horses are in real life. I rode High Hopes when I was a little girl and she is just the best mare. It was really special to see Rylan get to meet our special horse.

Rylan patting High Hopes. He really liked hugging her leg, which she so patiently tolerated.

Nana introduces Caroline to the "neigh-neighs."

My crazy girl, just after she dunked her face in the horse's water bucket!

Little tractor driver.

Caroline is crazy about dogs and it was a special treat to play with Bethany's new great dane puppy, Gatsby. One day we will look at these pictures amazed he was ever that small!

What better place to spend a hot, humid day in June than the pool. Caroline was very confident and with her water wings on, it gave me a bit more peace of mind. She loved leaning back to float in the water.

Rylan stays cool in the pool.

Caroline's face says it all. The trampoline was a huge hit. We spent a good part of every day going "bounce, bounce" as Caroline would say.

Rylan loved jumping on the trampoline, too.

Our first day, Rylan went down to the creek with Nana and was a little uncertain. On our last day, the story was quite different. Charlton fished while Bethany, Rylan, the puppies, and I splashed in the creek.

Ry-man soaking in the creek and examining some interesting shells.

The one that didn't get away.

He wasn't so sure about checking out this fish up close, especially because it had some prickly spines on its fins.

Uncle Benjamin let Charlton and Rylan drive his mower.

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