Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last week of July

I saw school supplies out in stores this week, but I still can't believe it is almost time for school to start again. Next year Rylan will be in preschool and our lives will be scheduled around the school calendar, but we still have one more year of "freedom."

It still feels like summer here in Colorado. In January I will be kicking myself for complaining, but it has been too hot lately. We've had highs in the high 80's and 90's consistently this month. I have had to run the AC much more than any other summer. Our upstairs rooms just don't cool off much at night. Caroline wakes up sweating with her hair sticking in all directions. I laughed one morning at her "do" but Rylan was just confused, "Baby, what happened to you?" I broke down and bought a fan for her room this week. Poor girl had a fever all week. Between that and the heat outdoors, she needed something to cool her off. She finally started acting like she feels better and her temps were more normal on Friday.

I wanted to write a 20 month update for Caroline, but life has just been too busy lately so I think I will just wait and write a lot when she turns "2". A few highlights: she has started to play with her baby dolls by wrapping them in blankets, she is obsessed with snacking on dry cereal lately and will beg constantly for a cup to carry around, she has started speaking in sentences like "I want chee-os, pleeeaaaase...." She is in love with Rylan's friend Dain and sat on the top of the slide at the park this week, calling his name over and over. She cut her two top eye teeth this month, although I don't think that was a highlight for her. She loves to go for walks in the wagon and chase the wild rabbits. She has been more affectionate lately, giving hugs, real kisses, and blowing kisses. She runs now with an extra bounce that reminds me of when I was a little girl and used to gallop like a horse. She likes to steal Rylan's toys or tell him to "go away" just to make him mad.

Charlton started letting Rylan go without diapers at night last weekend, and he has been dry all week! What a great surprise! We take him to the bathroom once before we go to bed and then he can hold it the rest of the night. He is staying dry for naps also, so this is really exciting. I am so proud of him and he just glows with our praise.

Except for Caroline's fever, we have had a pretty good week. We've been to the park almost every day, once meeting Rylan's friend Dain. They played really well together and once we saw them talking intently about something at a distance, then throw their arms around each other and give each other a hug. I wish I could have heard that conversation.

On Friday morning we went to the zoo for a few hours. I decided to make it super easy on myself and didn't even go to the trouble of packing a lunch, just snacks. We just took our time, rode the carousel, played on the playground, and might have only seen about 10% of the animals, but it was such a nice, relaxing outing for me.
I needed that because I couldn't find my wallet on the drive home. I remembered taking it out to pay for the carousel and remembered thinking I needed to zip it securely in my backpack. Then I got distracted putting the kids on the horses and I couldn't remember if I had put my wallet away safely. While driving, I hate to say, I was frantically searching through all the pockets in my backpack and purse and praying like crazy. I was sure it had fallen out at the carousel. About 10 minutes later I found it! Relief. God must have known how much I could handle because, then...
Charlton left me a message on my cell phone. My father-in-law was coming into town....on Saturday. We knew he might be coming for a visit in August, but didn't realize it would be so soon.
I was thankful to get a nap on Friday because I have to work Friday and Saturday nights. Our NICU is the busiest I can remember since I started working there, so there is no chance of getting called off while we had our company.
I am looking forward to climbing back into my bed Sunday night. One more night of work, then Bethany comes for a visit on Thursday. Can't wait!
Oh, and pray for us on Monday. I am taking both kids to the dentist, together, for their first time. If it isn't too chaotic, I might try to get a picture of the "special" day. One cool thing, our pediatric dentist is a Kentucky grad. If only I had a short-sleeve UK t-shirt to wear....

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