Thursday, April 23, 2009

Caroline is 5 months old!

My sweet little cherry girl. I thought she looked so cute in this outfit, I couldn't stop kissing on her all day.

We finally have been able to wear our spring outfits I have been saving up for months. They are all size 9 months, my best estimate for what she would need this summer, but I am afraid she is going to grow out of them too soon.

Please, mom, no more pictures. This model wants a nap.

Caroline has entered her sixth month on a roll, literally! Last month, she figured out how to roll from her belly to her back, and just a few days ago, she rolled from her back to her belly. She actually doesn't mind being on her belly as much now and can push her chest up off the ground with her arms. She gets a big smile on her face and seems really proud of herself as she rolls over and over again. I am not sure if it is because she weighs less than Rylan did, or if it is just personality differences, but she is much more physically active than Rylan was at this age. Caroline will wiggle all over her crib and I rarely find her in the same spot that I put her for her naps. She loves to kick up her feet and grab her toes and she has sometimes even turned on the musical toys in her crib by kicking. She can reach and grasp her toys now, and of course, everything goes straight to her mouth for tasting. I think we enjoy watching Caroline in her jumperoo as much as she likes jumping in it. She is quite the sight with her long hair flapping in the air, arms waving wildly, legs bouncing up and down, and her mouth wide open with delight. We have tried the baby swings at the park and she likes swinging gently.
Caroline weighed 18 1/2 pounds on my scale. She is popping out of her six month clothes and doesn't have as much room to grow in her 9 month clothes as I had hoped. I am still nursing her five times a day, every 3 1/2-4 hours. I haven't dropped that last 9:00 pm feeding yet, maybe because I enjoy getting to nurse one time in peace and quiet without race cars being driven all over the boppy! We will probably drop that feeding this month just before starting solids. I am not looking forward to all the mess and extra work, but at least I learned a lot from my experiences with big brother. Sleeping wise, Caroline is a dream. She sleeps from 7pm to 6:30 or 7am, and usually takes two main naps a day. Sometimes she likes to sneak in a 30-minute cat nap in the morning or evening. She loves to listen to her lullabies, suck her thumb and cuddle her bunny as she falls asleep.
I have always heard girls are more emotional than boys and I think that is coming true already. Caroline can be very intense with her emotions, both joy and anger. When she is happy, she laughs, squeals, and smiles to melt your heart. She lights up like the sunshine whenever Rylan comes near. She has even figured out how to do the "raspberry" noise and is quite proud of that accomplishment. But when Caroline is mad, watch out! She will scream at the top of her lungs, turn red in the face, and cry huge tears. Her fury can be quite intimidating, and usually only mom can calm her down. When I put her in the nursery at MOPS for the first time two weeks ago, she gave me the most wounded look, stuck out her lower lip, and made mom feel so guilty! She lasted 45 minutes and then it was time to eat, but at least it was a start. I think she is beginning to have some stranger anxiety, so I don't want to stress her out, but show her that she can survive for short periods of time away from me. I am also hoping these experiences will prepare her for our trip home to see family in June. There will be lots of loving aunts, uncles and grandparents that want to cuddle her and I am hoping she will warm up quickly to them.

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