Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cell phone potpourri

Here are some of my favorite pictures just uploaded from my cell phone.

Taking your brother to karate is way more fun when you can wear your Rapunzel dress.
 Rylan got to keep Ollie, a stuffed elephant for a couple days as a part of a preschool project.  We wrote a short summary of our adventures which included a trip to the park. 
 A good hair day indeed.

 A good hair day for Caroline, too.  Our part was a bit crooked, but those braids looked so cute!

 What a charmer!
 A pic from our trip to KY in March.  Those costumes used to belong to my brothers and sisters.  They have been well worn and loved.

 Why yes, mom, I fixed my hair all by myself. Why do you ask?

 Sleeping beauty.

 Summer hair cut time.  I was sad to see it go, but it looks much neater now and is so much easier to care for with all our swimming. Caroline loves to twist her hair while she sucks her thumb so she was a little alarmed the first time she reached for a fistful of hair and there was nothing there! 

 Painting project gone wild.

 My grocery helpers always keep life interesting.  They love their new goggles.

On the way to church in their cute new outfits from Grammy.  Love Caroline's cute shoes.

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