Thursday, July 12, 2012

The "girl"

Meet our newest member of the family, Hailey, or as Caroline calls her, "the girl" or "girlie". We have wanted to get another collie for a while now that the kids are older and their love for animals is growing. After lots of searching for breeders, at the humane society and collie rescue, we finally found Hailey. She will be one on July 17th and is a smooth collie. We got a great deal on her because she is too small to show, actually only 28 lbs when we got her. She gained 3 lbs in one week, but probably won't grow to be much more than 35 lbs, very small for a collie.  I think she is a great combo of the collie personality with the small size and short hair. She is definitely a puppy with lots of energy and mischief, but we are having so much fun with her. She is also pretty smart and I am enjoying dusting off the cobwebs on my dog-training knowledge. She already knows how to sit and is gradually learning lots of other commands. We enjoy taking her to the park and on long walks with us.

On our way home from Denver.  We waited a long week and and a very long day to finally meet Hailey and take her home. 
 Caroline loves walking Hailey on the leash. I think she loves having something to boss around since she has been the little sister her whole life.

 Rylan and Hailey cuddling during story time.  He would love to have her in his bed if he didn't sleep on the top bunk.
 Enjoying the 4th of July at Fox Run.
 Our first trip to Fox Run after having Hailey for just a few days.  She will wade a bit in the water, but doesn't love to swim.

Poor girl went into heat last week before we could get her spayed.  She has had to stay outside because of the spotting that goes along with that and the whole ordeal is no fun for anyone.  She has her spay appointment on Tuesday and I will be so glad when the surgery and recovery is over and we can all get settled back to normal.

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