Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July

We spent 4th of July morning as a family at Fox Run park, one of my absolute favorite places in town. Bethany and Brett were in town for a few days so it was extra special to see them, too. I wanted to get a picture of all of us together, but totally forgot until we had left. What a bummer. We had a fireworks ban because of the high wild fire danger, and I had to work that night, so we had a very low key day after the park.
Mom reminded me of this dress I had made Caroline 2 years ago.  I brought it out for Caroline and you would have thought it was brand new, sparkly and covered with glitter and sequins they way she exclaimed over it. It was so sweet. Of course, the dress is now more like a tunic, but girls clothes are nice that way because you can just add some bottoms and you've got an outfit.

Look, no hands!
Sorry, Bethany, I didn't get a picture of you, but I did get one of  Brett. I guess you know where you really stand now. Since Hailey wasn't terribly cooperative, Caroline took Brett for a walk.  She is quite smitten and he is very patient with her.

Rylan is really interested in monster trucks now.  He found a friend at the park and they raced their trucks up the slide.
If you look carefully at Rylan's hand, you might be able to see "Goldie", the minnow Charlton caught for Rylan.  Goldie was very slow and tame and didn't protest much when Rylan tried to hold him. We tried to explain that fish don't like to be held, but Rylan was so excited he had a hard time understanding.  We did convince him to let Goldie stay at the pond with his friends, so hopefully the poor little guy will live to see another day.
My all-American kids. So very thankful for them.

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