Sunday, January 2, 2011

Laundry room before and after....

I usually feel more motivated to clean/re-organize/de-clutter near the end of the year. This year has been no exception and when I found some cute fabric on sale at Jo-Ann's a few months ago, I started planning my laundry room make over.

Before: cluttered shelves, bare window, ancient ugly laundry basket
After! I got my curtain idea from The Nester's window mistreatments. It was a super easy, no-sew kind of window covering. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, and it definitely satisfied my curiousity for trying this style of curtain. I re-used the baskets from my kids' nurseries, painting over the cherry wicker with an off-white. I think they may need another coat of off-white paint, but they are quite useable in the meantime. Much better than the jumble of bottles and can. On the opposite wall, I hope to frame my kid's artwork sometime in the future.

I was able to finish the basket liners in an afternoon.

I love the curtain fabric, the inspiration for it all.
While I can't say laundry is more fun now, it does make me smile to see these cheerful blues and greens and my pretty, organized baskets.


  1. VERY cute idea-I love it!!!!

  2. Thanks Amy, you have such cute taste, so your comment means a lot!