Friday, January 7, 2011

Gingerbread train

Sorry for being so far behind on my Christmas posts. I am trying to catch up before Valentines Day! Ha! We had a wonderful Christmas filled with visits from family, delicious food, great gifts; all of our favorite ways to celebrate Jesus' birthday.
It has just taken me a little while to recover from all the fun, still having to work my regular 2-3 nights a week, and keep things running at home. Also, my etsy shop went crazy with business right around New Years, so I have turned out at least 4 dozen hairbows in the last week and a half! Its a good problem to have, one that has me stumped because I probably filled that same amount of hair bow orders in the entire last year.
Back to Christmas... I found a cute gingerbread train kit at the grocery and saved it for one of those cold, stay-at-home days leading up to Christmas. I had never made one with the kids before and we had a great time. And the train turned out exactly like the darling picture on the box....

The kids were very proud of their work and didn't seem to mind the decorations and icing drooping a bit.
Nobody would look at mama with the camera while they were busy "working."

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