Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve

Grammy flew in to visit us the night before Christmas Eve. We hadn't been able to spend Christmas with her since Rylan was a baby, so this was a special treat. We appreciate her braving all the holiday crowds to fly out to be with us. I had to work, so while I slept on Christmas Eve, Grammy, Charlton, and the kids went out to lunch and did some last minute shopping. After dinner, we let the kids open a few special presents and their gifts from Grammy.

We let the kids open a special movie on Christmas Eve. Poor Rylan looks dazed by the flash, and I love the way he is holding the movie. Ooops!
Neither of the kids would cooperate for a joint picture with Grammy, so I had to settle for this cute one of Caroline and her Dora mermaid doll from Grammy.
Someone is getting sleepy and wonderfully cuddly.
Caroline gives Dora a hug.
Charlton and Rylan had just seen the movie, so Ry was super excited about his Tron action figure and light cycle.
I love the way Rylan's tongue is sticking out because he is so focused on his toy!

Preparing cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
Santa later traded the cookies and milk for presents.... Each child had their own chair this year, a nod to traditions of Charlton's childhood. At least Mama is looking forward to what is to come, since my kids don't look too happy. The kids went to bed and slept well without any trouble. I guess they are still too young to completely anticipate Christmas morning. We set up all the presents, and relaxed by the fire watching "Christmas Vacation."

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