Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer sickness

Caroline spiked a temp on Tuesday evening and last night it climbed all the way to 104.3. I have never had a child with that high of a fever and it was a little scary. I couldn't believe how hot she felt. We just lay on the couch and cuddled because she felt so awful. This morning she was still feverish and acting like she felt bad so off to the doctor we went. The verdict: a viral throat infection. The doctor said her throat was full of pus and looked very inflamed. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for a virus but let it run its 3-5 day course. We also learned it is very contagious. Oh joy! Rylan has been sweet and sympathetic to his sister, and thankfully still feeling fine. This morning I let them both cuddle on the couch with their breakfast and watch cartoons together.

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