Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soccer camp day #2

We signed Rylan up for a soccer camp for 3-5 year olds through our church this week. The main coach, Steve Long, used to be an olympic soccer player and now works as a missionary reaching out to kids, mostly overseas through soccer. I really wasn't sure how Rylan would react since we have never put him in any "organized" sports before. But the cost was minimal and for only a 1/2 hour each day, I really thought this would be fun for him and a great place to start. The first day dawned cold and rainy so the kids met in the gym and simply chased the balls around for 30 minutes. What could be more fun for a 3-year old boy? Rylan had a blast, played well with the other kids, mostly listened to his coaches, and was very comfortable being independent from us.
Tuesday they moved outside and played a "game" where they alternated directions with the ball. I spent a lot of the time chasing his little sister who also was excited about playing "soccu, soccu." Several times she ran out onto the field, and when I tried to herd her back out of the way, the coach said we could let her stay and play. It was so cute to see this tiny little 18-month old try to kick the ball like a big kid. In two more years, we'll have to sign Miss Caroline up for soccer camp.

On the drive home Rylan exclaimed about how much fun he'd had. "Can I play lots of sports, Mom?"
"Sure we can try some different sports and see which ones you like best," I replied.
"Really, I can play football and basketball and tennisee?"

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