Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cub Lake Trail

All spring I have been eager to take a trip into the mountains and it couldn't get any better than my favorite place, Rocky Mtn. National Park. Neither Charlton nor I had to work on Saturday, and the weather was beautiful, so I packed a picnic lunch, picked out a trail in the park and we headed north.
I have learned a few things from hiking with kids. Two things stand out: #1 You may not actually get to hike on the trail you originally pick, and #2 You almost certainly won't reach your destination, so just enjoy the journey. Saturday was a prime example. We picked out one trail but realized that trailhead was still a mile away from our parking spot. So, the Fern Lake trail was a no-go, but wouldn't you know, we had parked right next to Cub Lake trail and it couldn't have been more perfect for us and the kids.
I think it was probably my favorite day ever in the park with the family. I am such a planner, but it was so cool of God to sweetly surprise me with this change of destination.

The Big Thompson creek was swollen from spring snow melt. Stones Peak, Spragues Peak, and Gabletop Mtn. can be seen in the distance. We crossed two log bridges over the creek near the start of the trail.

Charlton carrying Caroline in the torture device for parents..err baby back pack. I will be so glad to retire it after this season. It is a really nice backpack, but for some reason it just kills our backs to carry her 26lbs in it. Maybe we aren't adjusting it right or she is just too heavy, I don't know... I wish she could still fit in the moby wrap.

Rylan found lots of good places to poke his stick in the water.

My hiking buddy.

There were some great rocks to climb along this trail. Rylan was especially interested in rock climbing and was pretending he was a character from a movie (Tilon sp? from Kung Fu Panda.)

The west side of the lovely Moraine meadow. An enormous herd of elk was grazing just to the left out of my picture. Everything was so lush and green with a rushing stream running through the meadow, it made me think of Eden. We hiked along the trail to the right. If you continued for about 2 miles, you would actually reach Cub Lake.

These elk were grazing on an island and had to cross the high stream to get back to the rest of the herd. It was exciting to watch them forge through that deep, icy cold water.

Charlton and his kids.

Little missy hikes on her own two legs and gives our backs a break. Caroline was feeling better from her virus, but still not 100% yet and our hike in the fresh air really wore her out. She did love seeing the elk and called them "neigh-neigh", her word for horses!

One of the highlights for me was seeing this elk calf. He let me get this close, then took off across the meadow to meet his mama who was anxiously waiting for him. For such a young guy, he could really move!

Hummingbirds were zipping and zooming all around us. This one sat still long enough for me to get a picture.

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