Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For the past two years, my tulips bloomed on Mother's Day and we took lovely pictures of me with the kids. This year I was so disappointed when they bloomed late, but now I am finally getting to enjoy them. Spring arrives late in Colorado (we had snow just last Thursday), but winter seems to finally have released its hold on us. The grass is brilliant green, trees are budding, and colorful flowers are blooming everywhere. It is such a beautiful time of the year, made all the more special by its slow coming.

Rylan chatting with our neighbor Ms. Yvonne through the hole in the fence board. Every time he goes outside now, he runs to their meeting spot and calls for her. I hope he doesn't wear her out, but I think they both enjoy the friendship. I also don't remember our apple tree ever having so many blossoms in previous years. It is truly loaded with blooms this year. Maybe we will have some apples this fall?

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