Thursday, May 13, 2010

Play kitchen

I have been looking casually on Craigslist for a play kitchen for the kids, but hadn't found exactly what I wanted at the right time. Last Saturday I went garage sale shopping with the kids and hit the jackpot. This kitchen was in beautiful shape and had all the food and dishes included. It retails brand new for about $150 and I got it for less than a third of that price. Yay! (It also kind of matches my real kitchen, so I love that!)

Caroline strikes her "model" pose while cooking.

Sometimes, they can play nicely together, but the first day was rough. Rylan claimed the kitchen as his, and didn't want to share with his sister. It only took a few hours of them squabbling and me tripping over a million pieces of plastic food and dishes in my kitchen for me to second guess my decision.

The front view. I would have thought I was in heaven with a kitchen like this as a child. All the appliances make noise and even the burner on the stove lights up and makes bubbling sounds when you put a pot on it.

The hug/choke-hold from older brother. Caroline looks worried for good reason.

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