Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Caroline's first hair cut

Today was a big day for my little girl, her first "real" haircut. We went to a kid's barber shop, which was waaayy over-priced, but worth it for the special occasion. I asked for a 1 1/2" trim and think it turned out perfectly, nothing too drastic, but her hair looks neater.

Rylan thought Caroline might like to sit in the yellow taxi for her haircut. She started wailing as soon as the stylist fastened the cape around her neck, then was distracted for a moment by Baby Einsteins.

A picture worth a thousand words..... Caroline was actually better than Rylan was for his first haircut and although she cried the whole time, she sat pretty still. Rylan was screaming, his nose was running, and he was trying to dive out of the kiddie chair. Although, in his defense, I do think electric clippers are much more scary than plain scissors.

What a hard day!

Crocodile tears.

All finished and feeling better.

Rylan with his reward for being so good for the hair cut, err.. being a good big brother while his sister got the hair cut. I asked him if his blue dum-dum was blue raspberry flavored. "But mom," he said, "raspberries aren't blue, they're red." So true. Just who invented the blue raspberry flavor anyway?

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