Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Karate tournament

Charlton has been taking karate for about a year now and on Saturday entered his first tournament. We visited him in the morning, but unfortunately the kids weren't able to stay long enough to actually watch him compete. Charlton's event didn't happen until their lunch/nap time. He returned home victorious with two medals, a gold in sparring and a silver in forms. Way to go, honey. We are so proud of you! I still need to get a picture with the medals, but here's one before the glory.

Charlton really wants Rylan to start taking karate in the fall when he is old enough. It was neat to see the littlest boys wearing their black uniforms and sparring with each other. They wore so much padding, I don't think they could possibly get hurt and I was amazed they could still manage to kick and punch.

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