Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Everyday life: bath and bed

I was reading a photographer/mom's blog the other day and she made a suggestion to take pictures of your kids doing normal everyday things. The things you think you will always remember because you see them all the time, but of course, you eventually forget. The things that seem very ordinary and boring at the time; how they looked in their car seats or high chairs or sleeping in their beds....that will end up being treasured memories one day. I wish I was a better photographer, but I think I will still enjoy having these pictures of those unforgettable, ordinary moments. Bath and bed time are one of my favorite times at home and not just because it means I will soon get some quiet time to relax. I love kissing my sweet-smelling, freshly-bathed kids and cuddling them for bedtime stories, songs and prayers.

Rylan fresh from his bath.

Caroline with crazy hair.

The brush has won this battle with Caroline's hair.

Cuddling with her bunny.

Sleepy girl sucking her thumb and playing with her hair.

Rylan snuggling with Pooh and bear-bear.

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