Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rylan and Ms. Yvonne

Ms. Yvonne is a widow who lives next door to us. We would chat briefly whenever we saw each other the first summer after we moved, but it always seemed like Rylan was in the middle of a catastrophe, (screaming about getting his finger stuck in a tin can, falling on his face, etc..) whenever we encountered each other, so we didn't strike up a closer friendship until this year.
She loves to garden and during the spring and summer spends a lot of time in her backyard caring for her plants. There is a large knot-hole in the fence, large enough to stick several fingers through. Over the summer, Rylan and Ms. Yvonne would meet at the fence, touch fingers, and "chat." They have become such great friends. Ms. Yvonne has one son and no granchildren, and we have grandparents who live far away, so we have kind of "adopted" each other as family. Earlier in the year she asked me when Rylan's birthday was and then surprised him with this great truck and ATV combo on Sunday. I caught a few cute pictures of them visiting on the couch.

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