Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Once again, we had a great night of "warmer" weather for Halloween this year. I was especially thankful because we had two days and nights of snow, way below freezing temps and high winds earlier in the week. I can't even imagine trying to trick-or-treat in that weather. After dinner, we visited a few neighbors we knew and then drove over to trick-or-treat with our good friends, the Fergusons. Rylan was enthusiastic about everything this year also, and didn't get tired until the very end when his bucket was full and heavy! Even Caroline was squealing and bouncing in my arms and seemed to realize this was an extra fun night. Next year, she will be running along with her big brother and will be more excited about the candy than the wrapper.
Are you afraid of me?

Batman with big blue eyes.

My cute little ladybug.

I'm feeling fat today, mom.

My best shot of both kids in their costumes.

Me and my ladybug. Hard to believe Caroline was still in my belly this time last year!

Me and my batman and ladybug.

Getting started trick-or treating.

Getting ready to ring the doorbell.

Our next-door neighbor helps Rylan fill up his pumpkin.

Charlton was excited to meet this storm trooper!

We went around to a few houses in our neighborhood and then met up with our good friends, the Fergusons, to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. Afterwords, they sampled their "spoils."

Okay, so this is not Caroline's costume, or even very related to Halloween, but we thought she looked so cute wearing these big 3-D glasses from the movie theatre.

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