Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A sprained ankle and Caroline turns 4 months old..

Happy 4 months, Caroline! We celebrated with a brand-new gently used jumperoo mom found on Craigslist. Rylan loved his when he was about her age, but we sold it before we moved west. I had been wanting to get one for Caroline when she was old enough. She hasn't figured out the jumping part yet, although Rylan is more than willing to bounce it for her. She does enjoy looking at all the gadgets and sitting up so she can look around. I think she rolled from her tummy to her back for the first time tonight, but I am not completely convinced she didn't have a push from Rylan, so I won't give her credit yet. Plus, I guess I am not ready to admit she is growing up so fast. Caroline is very wiggly though, and can easily twist onto her side from her back and belly, so I think the complete roll is coming soon. She is also a wild fish in the bathtub, splashing and trying to flop all the way down into the water. I am afraid we are going to have to move to the big bathtub soon. I think she weighs about 17 lbs. but we won't know officially till her doctor's appt. April 1. She wears size 6-9 months clothes and just switched to #3 diapers. Amazingly, though, she still about 3 lbs smaller than Rylan at this age, so my arms and back are thankful for that. Caroline just learned this week how to make a very loud high-pitched noise something of a cross between a squeal and a shriek. She makes it when she is happy, tired, hungry, or just wants to hear herself make an interesting noise! It is pretty funny especially when we try to mimic her and get a little conversation going. Most of the time she is an easygoing baby, but when she is mad, watch out! She can turn bright red, wave her arms around, and scream to split your eardrums. Sometimes I can't even rock her to soothe her and just have to put her in her crib with her music on and let her find her thumb. Thankfully her laughs are much more common than tears and she brings so much joy into our lives.

Okay, here is another picture of my "baby doll." I am having so much fun dressing up Caroline and if the weather is at least 50 degrees than I have to break out one of her spring dresses. I am glad I took this picture before church, because Caroline puked at least 4 times all over her dress and me by the time we got home from church!

Here is the latest installment in the monthly pictures. I heard about a neat idea of taking a picture of your baby with the same object or stuffed animal each month, so you could have something to compare their size with as they grew. I heard about it too late to do it with Rylan, but just in time for Caroline. Here she is using her bear as an armrest. (Actually this bear was a gift for Rylan from Grammy, but he doesn't mind sharing.)

Rylan occasionally asks me if he can nurse baby Caroline. I tell him that only mommies can nurse babies, but he can hold her on the boppy. Thankfully that seems to satisfy his interest. Except for getting jealous for attention when I am nursing, he is the best big brother. He will give Caroline kisses and hugs and will even share his toys with her. Caroline seems to adore him, too, and will reward him with big smiles and laughs whenever he talks to her. The only problem I have had lately is that Rylan wants to bounce her, very hard, in her infant seat. Her head flops back and forth like crazy which can't be good for her, but she smiles the whole time, so that just encourages Rylan. I have had to put the seat up high again when she is in it so she doesn't get "shaken baby" syndrome.

My poor boy fell down the last two steps last night and twisted his ankle. He cried afterwords, but when he sat on the couch and didn't move or make a peep for almost a half an hour (with no TV on), I knew something was really wrong. He did get a bruise on the outside of his foot and he refused to walk on it last night. Of course, he also didn't want anything to do with an ice pack, but somehow didn't mind soaking his feet in a tub of cold water. This morning, Charlton held him down while I wrapped it in an ace bandage and we put a Nemo sticker on the bandage. Amazingly he kept it on all day and by the evening was happily running and playing.
We got tickets this Thursday night for "Disney on Ice" and Rylan is super excited to see Woody, Buzz, and the Incredibles. We may be in for a crazy evening considering the show doesn't even start until Rylan's bedtime and he is going to have to sit still for a while, something he rarely does. I have been reminding him all week about how he is going to have to sit in his chair or with mom and dad like a big boy. So we'll see if this teaching idea actually works, but I really hope he has a great time seeing his favorite super heroes anyway.

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