Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blizzard 2009 and Disney on Ice

Our first spring "blizzard" hit on Thursday afternoon. They were predicting 10-20" of snow, but I think we only got about 5-6". It was hard to tell exactly because there was so much wind, we had a lot of drifting. Charlton built a snow cave in one of the deeper drifts and he could actually curl up inside. Once the sun came out on Friday afternoon, everything started melting. I think I lost the tulips on the side of the house. The wind blew all the snow away from them and the temperatures dropped to 6 deg. on Thursday night. We had tickets for Disney on Ice and amazingly it was not cancelled, although it seemed like everything else in the city was cancelled that night. We didn't feel like the roads were safe enough for travel, and the ticket agency offered to exchanged them for another show that weekend. We went Saturday night and had a wonderful time. Rylan loved seeing the Incredibles and Buzz Lightyear and was really good about sitting in his seat. Caroline fussed for the first half and I had to take her outside, but she finally fell asleep in the Moby wrap and slept for the rest of the show.
Another view of our backyard after the "blizzard."

Rylan showing off his boots.

Rylan wearing his Lightning McQueen boots that Aunt Bethany gave him for his birthday. Since we don't have much rain in Colorado, we had to wait for some snow to break them out. Rylan still must have a lot of Florida blood in him because he absolutely refused to play in the snow. I got him all dressed up and sent him outside with Daddy and he just stood in one spot and cried. It was pretty cold, and I wasn't even brave enough to go out, so I can't be too hard on him. He did love splashing in the melting snow on Friday afternoon, though. There was a river running down the street and he had a great time playing in it, until he lost his balance, fell, got his feet soaked, and I had to carry him home. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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