Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little of this and that....

We are definitely getting our money's worth out of our annual zoo pass. I think we have been three times in two months. Last visit we saw the darling new baby orangatan and this time was a beautiful female giraffe calf, born Feb. 19. She still had her umbilical cord stump attached. Charlton had the whole day off from work and we enjoyed a great family day together.

Yummy fingers.

When Caroline is sleepy, she sucks her thumb and runs her fingers through her hair with her other hand.

Rylan does love to read the Sunday morning paper with his breakfast, especially looking for deals on toys!

My attempt to take a picture of myself and my boy, just holding the camera out in front of us. Didn't turn out too bad!

All bundled up enjoying some fresh air outside while Mom and Rylan played soccer.
I woke up from sleeping after work on Monday and found Caroline lounging in her bouncy seat with no clothes on and happy as a clam. She loves being naked! Evidently she had one of her enormous poopy blow-outs and Charlton hadn't bothered to put clothes back on her.

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