Monday, December 5, 2011

Some random cell phone pics

I apologize, some of these pictures are very old and they are a bit out of order , but are too cute not to share.

Sleeping Beauty and Ironman just before trick-or-treating.

Scary teeth and fingers.

Playing in the snow, for a grand total of about 5 minutes.

We got a second year of wear out of this sweet pumpkin dress. Next year it will be a shirt!

Rylan's first time writing his name all by himself.

Rylan's first turn at show and tell. Can't remember why the 10 fingers. He took his stuffed Nemo. He took Bear-bear on his second turn.

Girl loves her some jewelry.

First day of preschool picture. Caroline is not thrilled about the whole idea.

Rylan was thrilled about this helmet and wore it the entire time of our preschool orientation.

Princess Rapunzel.

Caroline looks like she is all ready for a fine spring day at Keeneland, but actually we are watching brother at soccer camp this summer and she has "stolen" all my accessories.

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