Monday, December 5, 2011

Caroline's 3rd birthday

Caroline's 3rd birthday landed right on Thanksgiving this year, so it was a really big day in our house. I had been reminding my sweet girl of her birthday for weeks, but I still don't think she had any idea of how much fun it would be. She was so happy and enjoyed every part of her day, from the presents to cake and candles.

We only ate two meals on Thanksgiving, so we made them hearty ones! Here is some breakfast goofiness from the birthday girl.

Rylan was ever so eager to help Caroline with opening presents.

We let Caroline open her presents from Grammy early in the morning. She loved her new Snow White doll.

We watched the "Snow White" movie right away. Finally, we are starting to build our Princess movie collection. Thanks, Grammy!

We were able to save more presents for later in the day when Aunt Bethany could celebrate with us.

Caroline opening her horse PJ's from Nana. She had fun with her Little People van, too. Thanks, Nana! This was the only picture I managed to get of part of the really neat fold-up barn from Aunt Bethany. Caroline loved playing with it, when we could pry it away from Rylan. He thought his sister's new toys were much cooler than his own that day.

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