Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Our gym organized a "Breakfast with Santa" for this morning. The event was very cheap and close to our house, so we thought it was worth a try. Last year, we tried to meet Santa at a breakfast with my hospital and it was super crowded, loud, the food was terrible, and the lines were horrendous. When it was finally our turn to see Santa, Rylan went completely limp and Caroline clung to me for dear life. The whole thing was a huge disappointment.
This year, the kids were interested in meeting Santa again, so off we went with really no idea how it would turn out. This breakfast was very well organized, with small groups of people scheduled in each time slot. We ate our breakfast and then were able to walk right up to meet Santa, no waiting at all. Amazing and almost stress-free for everyone.

Rylan was a little grumpy at breakfast. I think he was still nervous about meeting Santa. He was also confused why Santa was not actually eating breakfast with us at our table. It was called "Breakfast with Santa" after all.

Caroline was feeling pure excitement and enjoying her pancakes and grapes.
Waiting for just a few seconds to meet Santa. I love how Caroline's hands are clasped together and she is snuggling so close to big brother.

Brave boy! This was as close as he would get to Santa, but he smiled and did talk to the big guy in red. Later he told me Santa was much smaller than he thought. Maybe last year Santa had seemed like a giant to him! That certainly explains his fear.

Caroline climbed right into Santa's lab and....froze like a deer in the headlights. Finally she cracked just the tiniest of smiles and asked him for a princess castle. Hmmm, that is good to know.

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