Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rylan's birthday morning

Rylan's 5th birthday celebration started bright and early Tuesday morning. Caroline was still sleeping, so we just snuck downstairs with him to open presents. He had been counting the weeks and days to his birthday for months and was so thrilled the big day had finally arrived.

Yay for a special case to store the ever-growing Bakugan collection.

"Dragonoid Colossus" was a huge hit! Thank you to Rylan's wonderful grandparents for all his presents. I wasn't able to get pictures of all of them, but know that we missed you and wished you could have been here to celebrate with us.

A little pajama play time before breakfast. These Buzz Lightyear pajamas are some of his favorites and he is literally wearing them out as you can tell by the hole in the knee!

Birthday breakfast of waffles with Mickey Mouse sprinkles!

Tuesday was a preschool day and an extra special one because Rylan got to take the show and tell bag and a birthday snack. This time he insisted on bringing "bear-bear" which kind of surprised us. I thought some of the new and exciting birthday presents would win out, but thought it was very sweet and fitting that Rylan's best buddy since he was a baby was still loved enough to make the cut on his birthday.

Evidently cupcakes and icing are too messy for preschool birthday treats so we took red and yellow sprinkled cake pops for snack instead. I forgot to get pictures with my regular camera, but they turned out really cute and we only had one left over.

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