Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rylan's 1st field trip

Rylan has been absolutely loving preschool, even more than I had hoped. He is constantly asking and looking forward to his next preschool day. He loves his teachers and is making friends in his class. He comes home singing songs he has learned and has been eager to do his "homework." We have been practicing writing his name and I am thrilled to say he has pretty much nailed it in this last month. I am so proud of him and love hearing about his morning when I pick him up.
Today, Rylan had his first field trip, to Fountain Creek Nature Center. We learned all about some of the animals who live there with a puppet show and then a nature walk. Charlton had some clients cancel this morning, so the whole family got to enjoy some lovely, but windy, fall weather and the beauty of the nature preserve.
Looking and listening for wildlife.
Pretending to be a wild animal, I can't remember which one!
Rylan making a dinosaur face. I think he looks like a dino with indigestion. Sweet Caroline posing with the pretty blooming yellow bush. She behaved well and only needed a few shoulder rides on Daddy to keep her contained. I was a little concernced since the rules "stay on the path" and "don't pick anything" are very much against her usual method of operation out in nature. These aspen branches had already fallen, so we were happy to let her tote her treasures on our walk.

Handsome guy posing by the lake. We saw Canada geese, turtles, and a great blue heron.
A partial class picture with the wonderful Mrs. S, one of Rylan's teachers. This tree is a 150-year old cottonwood and it was enormous!

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