Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elevenmile Reservoir

This Sunday, we went hiking at a Elevenmile Reservoir state park. What a gorgeous drive and beautiful scenery! I fell in love with this place, the groves of aspens interspersed with rocks, the sparkling blue lake, and the sweeping views of the valley, rolling hills, and mountain range in the distance. I can't wait to come back again when the aspens are changing color. I am not sure how far we hiked, but the kids did really well and Rylan hiked almost the whole time on his own. Caroline was happy that there were lots of rock formations to climb and when her legs got too tired, Daddy carried her on his shoulders. Caroline is crazy about flowers right now, so we had many delays for her to pick handfuls of the beauties. Rylan liked digging in each different kind of dirt we passed. Hiking with kids definitely takes a lot of patience and an appreciation of the details of nature.

We got to see a couple hot air balloons finishing their flight on our drive to the reservoir.

Beautiful lake.

Rylan dressed himself this morning. At least he was easy to spot along the trail.

Rylan's trade mark squinty smile.

When I asked Caroline to smile for me, this is what she did!

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