Wednesday, August 3, 2011

El Paso County Fair

We have done a lot of things and visited lots of cool places since moving to Colorado, but I still had not taken the kids to the fair. When I saw our county fair had "Dollar Days" last Wednesday and Bethany didn't have to work, we loaded up the kids for the adventure. The livestock exhibitors keep their animals on the fair grounds all week long in barns divided up by species. That made it easy to get up close to the animals, which I knew would be the kids' favorite part. I love anything agricultural and it brought back memories of showing rabbits and lambs at our county fair in Kentucky as a kid. The weather was very warm, there was precious little shade, and the heat made the kids crabby, but overall we had fun together.

Before we saw the animals, the kids had a chance to "drive" some big road-building machinery.

Rylan fell in love with these goats. We caught him petting this one and singing it a lullaby. He is so gentle and affectionate with the animals. I think we have enough room in our backyard for a baby goat, and then Charlton wouldn't have to mow anymore.
Caroline enjoyed the goats, too.
This foal was in a friendly mood. We also got to see some rabbits of which I didn't get any pictures. Caroline was so excited to see them, that she tried to kiss the rabbit through the cage! When that didn't work so well, the rabbit's owner had compassion on her and brought the bunny out for a proper petting. We definitely have room for a rabbit in the back yard. I haven't had the energy to care for another living thing for a long time, but seeing the kid's love for animals blossom is making me think the Clarke family may need a 4-footed addition sometime in the future.
As much as the kids loved seeing the animals, I think the ferris wheel ride may have won out in popularity. I was so proud of being frugal by only spending $3 on admission, and packing our own lunches, then blew that with our $3 rides (each person) on the ferris wheel. But how could we go to the fair and not ride at least one ride?
Hate that the wire cross in front of his eyes, but you can still see Rylan's big smile.

These two even managed to get a few extra turns on the wheel, because a TV news crew was filming. Rylan was so excited about getting to ride with his Bethany, too.

Caroline was busy scoping out some other rides she wanted to try next. She loved her ride, too, and wasn't afraid a bit. I am not sure who will ride those crazy, spinning, vomit-inducing rides with her when she is older. Definitely not her mama!

I need to head off to bed so I will wait for another night to update on how the kids are doing with their "habits." I will say God is definitely answering prayers and things are going very well!

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