Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will you be our Valentines?

Cold snowy days + a holiday coming up= a good excuse to bake cookies.

Rylan making a heart-shaped face.

Monkey see, monkey do. Caroline actually came up with this charming trick and Rylan copied her.

"Pinkles" are so much fun. Caroline ate all her vegetables in record time tonight so she could get one of these for dessert.
My little helper, garnished with some flour.

Speaking of cold, it has been unbelievably cold here in Colorado. Last night, the thermometer read -20 degrees. Now, that is frigid. Rylan and I set out bowls of water yesterday (where the daytime high never climbed above zero) to see how fast they froze. It took about 1 1/2 hours for a cereal bowl full to freeze solid. We had fun playing with the big ice cubes. Yesterday I also decided to clean the dried snot off Rylan's car window while the car was warming up in the garage. (Yes, my son still finds it more convenient sometimes to use the window rather than ask for a kleenex. Sigh...) The windex froze to the glass before I could wipe it off!
Today while we were staving off the cabin fever with a trip to Focus on the Family, Caroline had a huge poopy diaper. I needed to use the baby wipes stashed in the car, but they were a frozen brick. Since I had also forgotten my diaper bag at home and was too embarrassed to beg a diaper off some sweet mom at Focus, we had to run to the grocery for diapers and non-frozen wipes.
Tomorrow is supposed to be 35. That will feel like a heat wave, so we will be tackling grocery shopping and maybe the library if I feel really energetic. I definitely won't be forgetting my diaper bag this time, just in case,

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