Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few cute things.

We took Bethany lunch at work today. The kids were so excited to see her at the hospital, play with her stethoscope and badge, and roam around the ICU lounge.
When we left, Rylan exclaimed, "That was fun!"
"Yes," I replied "that was a special treat."
"No," Rylan corrected me, "Treats are chocolate."

Caroline is crazy about biscotti. Cranberry, chocolate chip, almond biscotti. Both she and her mom have been rather addicted this winter.
Lately I noticed she was eating it in a new way, almost like a beaver eating around a tree or corn on the cob. I teased her about eating it like a squirrel, and she told me she was trying to eat all the "booowies", the cranberries. And I thought she liked the chocolate best! What 2-year old likes craisins that much?

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