Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treat, 2010

I have been trying so hard to get a good picture of Caroline in her cute pumpkin dress, but unfortunately this seems to be the best we can do this year. She was running a fever the next day, so maybe that explains the grumpiness.

Rylan the "War Machine" from Ironman. Charlton made him a weapon out of PVC pipe, painted it gray and attached a flashlight. It turned out very cool and I was glad for the extra light. Our neighborhood gets very dark after sunset. Another reason I didn't get any more pictures, because I didn't think they would turn out well in the dark. We need to start earlier next year. The kids enjoyed trick-or-treating, but, as I expected, we just made it around a few streets before they were cold, tired and ready to head for home. Rylan is already talking about what costume he wants for next year. It may take us a year to eat all this candy.

Some cute pictures of the kids cuddling before church on Sunday. Rylan wore his plaid because we celebrate the Kirkin of the Tartan at our church the last Sunday in October. There were bagpipe players and the musicians wore full Scottish garb. It was really neat and Rylan stayed in "big" church the whole service so he could watch.

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