Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caroline's 2nd birthday party

We celebrated Caroline's 2nd birthday with a family party on Saturday. It was pretty quiet and low-key, which was really wonderful. Bethany came over and joined us for pizza (Caroline's favorite dinner), presents and cake. Caroline had fun opening her presents, hearing us sing "Happy Birthday", playing with her birthday balloons, and tasting her cake.
I will write more about Caroline at 2 years later in the week, but I wanted to at least post some cute party pictures. Happy birthday to my best girl and little ray of sunshine! You fill our lives with joy, sweet Caroline!

One of my friends from Orlando made this adorable birthday shirt and tutu for Caroline. Check out her store on Etsy; the RoseyChicBoutique to see more cute monogrammed items.

Center of attention. I made her a fleece Tinkerbell blanket, since she has been more interested in Tinkerbell lately. I think she looks so cute with her leg tucked underneath and the tulle fanning around her.

Rylan had an easier time understanding that it was not his party, but still had trouble containing himself at present time. Thankfully, Caroline didn't mind his help too much.

Watching Toy Story is so much more fun with Jessie.

Mesmerized by the candles. She didn't manage to blow them out by herself, but Rylan was more than willing to help with that part also. My aunt Jean gave me a giant cupcake cake pan from Williams-Sonoma and this was my first opportunity to use it. The recipes I used didn't turn out quite as great as I had hoped, but I guess it is good practice for next time. Also, the buttercream frosting kind of made the fun shape of the top of the cake disappear into a big pink mound. I need to use more of a glaze next time so you can still see the outline of the cupcake top. And also I should probably just stick with chocolate. You can't go wrong with chocolate in our family. I think Caroline liked Rylan's chocolate birthday cupcakes way better than her vanilla birthday cake!

Did I mention it was Caroline's 2nd birthday?

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