Monday, November 15, 2010

Sisters weekend

Anna flew out to Colorado for her first visit last weekend. Charlton was in Pittsburgh so we had a weekend just for sister time. It was wonderful to spend three whole days together to talk, laugh, and catch up on each other's lives.

We got a babysitter for Friday night and went out to eat at a fun Mexican restaurant downtown. The food was delicious and of course, I loved being able to just relax and eat a meal without refereeing kids. The fun shops downtown were already closed, so we just window shopped in the freezing cold and then ducked into Starbucks for some hot chocolate.
A trip to Colorado just isn't complete without a trip to Rocky Mtn. National Park. It was a very cold, overcast day, so the breath-taking views were all shrouded in the clouds. Still, the snow covered landcapes were beautiful and we saw an enormous herd of elk up close. We decided even the 0.6 mile hike was probably not safe with kids and a snowstorm getting heavier by the minute, so we stayed in the car most of the time. Maybe we can convince Anna to come back in the summer and do some hiking then.

Granite rocks are cold in the winter! We climbed up to a rocky overlook by the side of the road and snapped some quick pictures.
Thanks for coming, Anna. We made some sweet memories and I can't wait to do it again.
(Mom, don't worry, I will make sure you get copies of these pictures. :-)

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