Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On again...off again...

I know I am half crazy, but I have been a little jealous of all the snow people have been getting back east. Okay, 2-3 feet is excessive, but we live in Colorado after all and have only gotten a couple dustings since December. We finally got a half-way decent snow storm this weekend. It snowed Sunday afternoon all the way through Monday night, leaving us with 3-4 inches. The timing wasn't great, because we were scheduled to have one of my favorite MOPS meetings today, Spa Day. We have delicious food, all kinds of different stations set up for relaxation and pampering and the best of all is a 15-minute massage. Ahhhh! I really had been looking forward to that for weeks. I thought for sure it would be cancelled because the roads were covered with snow so I didn't even get up early. To my great surprise when I got up, there were no school closings and Caroline even slept in so I had time to race around and get Rylan and myself ready before she woke up. Unfortunately, she woke up shaking and burning up with fever, 103 degrees. This while being on antibiotics for her ears for a week. Good grief! So I thought I would just have to miss Spa Day after all. Thankfully my sweet husband volunteered to keep both kids (again after I had to work all weekend) so I could relax for a few hours at MOPS.
Boy, was I thankful for that rest time because Caroline cried the entire afternoon. I took her back to the doctor only to find out her ears are actually improving. The fever culprit must be some virus she picked up between last week and now.
I even dug out my Moby wrap and packed her 24 lbs. around the kitchen so I could fix dinner. She finally stopped crying and relaxed in the warm bath when she lay down, stretched out and closed her eyes to try to sleep! She was so mad when I had to take her out. We have been letting her hang out in her PJ's a lot lately and this morning she was camped out on the couch with her toys. The motrin had kicked in so she even managed a cute little smile. I hate that she feels so terrible and I want so badly to have my happy, sweet baby girl return.

P.S. I have my job interview on Wednesday at 1pm. I think it is just a formality, so I am not too nervous. I'll keep you posted.


  1. So sorry to hear you're having so much sickness! Are they considering tubes for her? I know they've improved lots of my friends quality of life!!

  2. This is only the second ear infection. Now the Pedi says her fever must be due to another virus she contracted during the week on antibiotics. We didn't go anywhere but the grocery and target so I guess she must have gotten it there, or Rylan is a carrier of bugs that he brings home to her. We haven't talked tubes yet. I have a feeling she will be a million times better when winter is over.