Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nightly meltdown

It sure isn't pretty. Last night I put Caroline in her high chair in the kitchen while I tried to cook dinner. She still fussed, but was safely contained. Rylan walked over to her and stated, "Caroline you just need to chill out a little bit. You are not in jail and we still love you."

I don't know how she manages to get her hair to look like this, but she works it into a pig-tail that stands straight up after every nap time.

Aren't you glad I didn't get this on video? There really is no need, this show replays nightly.
I did have extra sympathy for Caroline last night. She does have another ear infection. The antibiotics haven't fully kicked in yet.

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  1. If ever a picture was worth a 1,000 wails...I mean words, this one is! Poor Baby Caroline, I know she is miserable, but not nearly as miserable as those stuck in the room with her. Just like an ear ache, this too shall pass. Rylan's quote is priceless! Love AND PRAYERS for dinner prep time, Mom