Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Touch-a-truck Day

On Wednesday, we drove to Woodland Park for Touch-a-Truck Day. It must have been planned by a parent of a young boy, for who else could know what would be pure delight for these little men. A parking lot filled with bulldozers, tractors, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and every other kind of vehicle imaginable. Not only could you look and admire them, but you could climb on the driver's seat, drive the steering wheel, push buttons, and best of all, honk the horns! Rylan hopped from one driver's seat to the next, testing out all the vehicles. I'm not sure he could have named his favorite. Now, I have to let him "drive" my truck every time we go anywhere.

We stopped at the highly-recommended local donut shop, The Donut Mill, before touching trucks. The donuts were huge, and delicious! We were not disappointed.

Caroline waiting for me to share my donut with her.

The SWAT vehicle was Charlton's favorite.

The small street sweeper.

Pushing buttons in the nice, new ambulance. Rylan was disappointed because he wanted to climb up into the cab to "drive the wheel." The patient area just wasn't interesting enough for him.

The snow plow. Very important in the mountains of Colorado.

Probably my favorite picture. I wonder how long this young man has been a firefighter and if this job was his boyhood dream. I think he enjoyed being around the kids.

Rylan chatting with the young fireman.

Driving trucks with Dad.

This vehicle was actually an enormous crane. The operator is keeping a careful eye on Rylan!

Rylan loves a good steering wheel.

Fun in the bulldozer.

Little boy, big wheel.

Bethany and I, RN and RN-to-be, loved talking to the paramedic in the new ambulance. I think that was our favorite vehicle.

Caroline did more looking than touching, but she was a great sport hanging out in her stroller, even when all the honking horns got a little obnoxious.

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