Monday, August 31, 2009

Good morning, Mom...

Charlton and I were a little shocked this morning when we looked out our bedroom door at 6:15 and saw a light on in Rylan's room. I knew this day had to be coming, but for the first time, Rylan got out of bed on his own, turned on the light, and was having a good ol' time playing with his toys at the crack of dawn. A few moments later, we heard the patter of little feet and a blond head peaked over my side of the bed. "Good morning, mom. What are you doing in there? You look like a chipmunk!" What?
For the past year, ever since Rylan started sleeping in his big boy bed, he would always stay in bed, under the covers, and just yell for us to come get him. He learned how to open door knobs several months ago, and just recently was tall enough to reach light switches. I guess all his new-found skills finally clicked together. We had a nice talk at bedtime tonight about staying in his room with the door closed tomorrow when he gets up. We'll see how he remembers. Haha, even now after bedtime I can hear him thumping around in his room. I guess we might have to deal with him not wanting to go to bed in the next few weeks. I just hope the novelty will wear off and he will get some sleep, because he was super cranky this morning after getting up so early.
I take Caroline to her 9-month check-up at the doctor tomorrow, so I will post her stats soon. Uh oh, I just heard the door knob click, better run and put the turkey back to bed.

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