Friday, August 7, 2009

Grammy's Visit

Charlton's mom came to Colorado for the first time this past weekend and we had the most wonderful visit. Rylan hadn't seen her in a long time and it was Grammy's first time to meet Caroline, but they both warmed up to her quickly. Rylan started showing a little of his new 3-year old attitude at times, but talked about what a fun time he had with Grammy after we dropped her off at the airport. He especially loved reading books with her and building legos together.
We packed the three days of her visit full of trips and activities and the time flew by. We hiked and picnicked in Garden of the Gods, ate barbecue in Old Colorado City, visited Charlton's office and spent a long day hiking and driving through Rocky Mountain National Park (and a good portion of Colorado, too, on our way home).

I think Caroline looks like her grandmother, don't you?

Rylan loved reading with Grammy. He was also fascinated with the sequins and beads on her pretty shirt.
We just happened to find a book at the library about a guy with a Scottish terrier building a new house. While the house is under construction, the dog gets into all kinds of trouble like jumping in the bathtub, chasing rabbits, and walking through paint. I think Grammy had to read this book several times each day because Rylan liked it so much, which was funny because Grammy also has a Scottish terrier.

Snuggle time with Grammy.

Grammy entertained Caroline in her high chair with her new piano.

On Monday, we visited Old Colorado City and Charlton's counseling office.

Grammy took Rylan shopping at Wal-Mart and he came home with the tractor-tipping set from the movie "Cars." He played non-stop for hours, re-enacting his favorite scene from the movie. Here he is showing Frank, the combine.
Testing out the tractor-tipping set. Caroline thinks Rylan's toys are soo much more interesting than hers.

This piano does make some interesting sounds, though.

This is how Caroline felt about about all the time spent in her car seat riding to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Finally, she passed out.

Rylan demonstrating his elk calling abilities for Grammy.

The kids favorite past-time, wrestling with Dad.

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