Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kentucky Trip

On June 18, Caroline and I hopped on a plane and flew out to Kentucky to visit family. Only my mom had seen Caroline, so I was really excited to introduce her to the rest of the family and also see my two new nephews. Andrew was born February 15 and Christopher arrived a few weeks later on March 5. We had a wonderful time visiting with all my siblings and I loved seeing the cousins together. Summer had definitely arrived and it was hot and humid, so I loved being able to cool off at Spindletop. Caroline lounged in the baby pool in her float and seemed to enjoy the water. One of my favorite times was getting to ride the horses one morning with Bethany. It had been about two years since I had last ridden, so High Hopes and I just took a leisurely trail ride, but we had a wonderful time. I didn't even get sore afterwords, so I think that means I didn't work very hard, but my wishful thinking would make me hope I am still in decent shape!
I have included a few of my favorite pictures (I took a million!) but couldn't put them in any particular order, so I am sorry if it is confusing. Hopefully the captions will explain.

Bethany is training "Pete" who is 4 years old this year. She is doing a great job teaching him manners and I think they make a cute pair.

Caroline and Christopher John on our first night in KY.

Caroline sound asleep on the lounge chair by the pool. She slept over an hour like this in the shade with a cool breeze blowing.

Me, Caroline, Anna and Bethany at Spindletop on Father's Day.

Nana gave Caroline her first cookie, and she was so excited!

My mom and I drove to Paris to visit my childhood friend Emily and her children. Rocking chairs on a porch were the coolest way to visit on a hot summer day. Oh and the power was out, so it was extra hot inside!

Nana cools off with Caroline.

We love our Moby wraps. Martha and Christopher pose with me and Caroline.

A precious picture of Caroline with her Monroe great-grandparents. They were also meeting her for the first time.

We weren't able to get all three moms together with the babies in the Mobys at once, so this is the our version with me and Emily and Andrew. Emily fixed us the most delicious lunch on Monday.

Caroline enjoying her cookie from Nana.

As you can imagine, it was hard to get all three babies happy at the same time. Here Caroline is throwing a temper tantrum.

Floating in the baby pool.

The baby float made a comfortable seat outside the pool, too.

Caroline and Andrew. I love how they both have so much hair!

Katherine and Samuel dressed up in some cat costumes that my siblings and I wore as kids. They were very cooperative for this picture of most of the cousins.

I was thrilled to get this great picture of all three youngest cousins.

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