Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kindergarten is a blast!

When you are a mom, the days pass by slowly sometimes, but the years just fly by.   We celebrated a bittersweet milestone today when Rylan started kindergarten. I am so thankful he got into our first choice of schools and his new teacher seems very nice, so it was really a very joyful day.  Neither of us cried today, I had my weepy moments already in anticipation of the day.  I was really glad to have all the first day jitters and some of the carpool questions behind us.  It will be great when we can settle in to a new routine.
At pick-up, Rylan was full of excitement and funny stories. "Mom," he said, "Trust me, kindergarten is a blast!"  He was quite horrified that one girl didn't follow the rules and evidently had to visit the principal.  He also told me about the "high-tech security guard that talked from a box in the ceiling"  (the principal giving morning announcements over the intercom).

Very similar to our preschool picture last year.  They can be so sweet to each other.
Love this one.
My big kindergartner.
The Clarke men.

It is like pulling teeth to take pictures of my kids these days. However, I was not going to forgo the first day of kindergarten pictures for any amount of attitude.  They are just too important!
We coaxed a bit of a smile out of him.
First coloring assignment.  Coloring has never been one of Rylan's favorite things, but he was a good sport about it.
At his desk and all ready for his first day.
Brand new sharp crayons make coloring a bit more bearable.

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