Friday, November 18, 2011

My 3-year old

Caroline turns 3 on Thanksgiving Day. I don't know how many more years it will be until the two special days coincide again, but we sure have a fun-filled day to look forward to this week. I will update her measurements after our doctor's appointment in early December, but I know she weighs about 34 lbs on my bathroom scale. She wears size 3-4 tops, size 3 pants, and size 8 shoes. She still has a little baby chub left, but is growing taller and leaner all the time. Caroline isn't terribly picky and I can usually get her to eat a wide variety of foods. She has a weakness for pizza, and loves skittles, gummy candies, and Nerds!
Caroline goes to bed between 7:30 and 8, but has trouble settling down and staying put in her bed, especially now that we are curbing her thumb-sucking. She wakes between 6:30 and 7 am and naps each afternoon for 2-3 hours.
Caroline did much better at her dentist appointment this year, even holding still for a few X-rays, much to my surprise! Unfortunately, she needs to break her thumb-sucking habit, too. We are not seeing a lot of progress, yet, but will keep trying. Our dentist said she is already starting to have an overbite, but those problems can reverse if the habit is stopped by age 3. So, we are always tackling a new challenge around our house. Caroline isn't attached to any stuffed animal or blanket, but she will hold and twist her hair in one hand while she sucks the thumb on the other. She has been doing that since she was a tiny baby and could just reach back to rub her hair.
Caroline is pretty much completely potty-trained during the day time. She rarely has accidents and will usually tell me when she has to go to the potty. Occasionally, she goes all by herself and I think she would do it more often if she could manage the snaps and buttons on her pants. We have trouble with her taking her pajamas and diaper off at nights and if it weren't winter time, I would have a very hard time keeping her dressed at all.
Caroline is independent, sassy, high energy, affectionate, dramatic, and sweetly charming. She is getting better at expressing herself and doesn't fight the limits as much lately. She would still rather not hold my hand or go potty when I ask her, but we don't have quite as many strong-will struggles as we used to. She is usually easy going and adaptable to new situations. She gives hugs and kisses wholeheartedly, but will only sit and cuddle with me for about 2 seconds at a time before she moves on to the next best thing. Caroline loves her brother and each day when we go to his classroom to pick him up, she nearly tackles him with her hugs.
She will pout and cry if "somebody hurts my feelings" (she learned that phrase from brother), but has a high tolerance for physical pain. She hates loud noises and is terrified of the blender and thunderstorms. Caroline knows her colors and shapes, can count to 10, and is learning her ABC's.
Caroline has recently become completely enamored with anything Disney princess. She has always loved jewelry and anything girly or sparkly, so I guess this is quite a natural progression. She adores the movies, sings the songs, and loves dressing and undressing her princess dolls. Caroline is not the type to sit and play with her toys independently and entertain herself, like Rylan does. She likes to tease and aggravate her brother, and flit from one activity to the other. She will stay focused for longer with coloring, or painting, or playing with play-doh.
Caroline also adores her teachers in the child care center at church. She squeals their names and runs to give them hugs when I drop her off for my MOPS meetings. I am so thankful for such wonderful teachers to love on my children. One teacher in particular, has really been charmed by Caroline, so much so, that I think it is hard for her to be firm with her. I have gotten reports (from the other teacher) that Caroline has had to go into time-outs for not listening. Uh-oh. I can totally believe that, because we have some issues with selective hearing at home, too.
I think I am more excited about Caroline's birthday than she is! I have been talking it up for the past month and can't wait to see her open her presents. She knows something big is happening, but isn't sure exactly what to expect. I am so thankful for the joy and laughter Caroline brings into my life and the way God has used her to make me a better mom and woman. I love you Caroline Elizabeth. Happy
3rd Birthday!

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