Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had fun dressing up and trick-or-treating for Halloween last night. We managed to stay out for about an hour, a record for us, and Charlton joined us for about 30 minutes in between clients. It was quite a feat getting Princess Aurora in and out of our wagon without tripping over her dress, making sure she was holding her increasingly heavier bucket, and negotiating all the decorations and obstacles to each front door. Add to that a sticky lollipop, or two, in one hand and it was a miracle she stayed standing. I can't count how many pumpkins we knocked over or tumbles she took into peoples' landscaping! Rylan was a great big brother and showed his slightly clumsy sister the fine art of collecting enormous amounts of candy.
We arrived home at dark and made a quick run up to the hospital to say hello to Aunt Bethany who had to work. Ironman and Princess Aurora got lots of smiles on their journey to the ICU.
Once we finally came home for the night, I let the kids sample their spoils. Rylan knew exactly which pieces of chocolate he wanted and climbed into his chair at the table to slowly savor each one. Caroline grabbed a box of purple nerds, ripped them open, then got down on all fours to lick them off the carpet!

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