Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kings, croup, and big shoes

In MOPS on Tuesday, the kids learned about King Josiah. His teacher asked one child to volunteer to be the "king" and let the teacher trace his outline so the kids could color it. I was shocked when I picked Rylan up and learned he had volunteered to be the model. As his reward, he got to keep the drawing. This will surely go in his tub of memories.
Since Rylan also isn't known for being particularly craftsy, I wasn't sure how interested he would be in helping me make some paper Christmas chains. I cut out all the paper strips and asked him to help me form the loops and tape them in place (sooo much easier and less messy than glue!) I couldn't believe how much he loved it. He kept giving me hugs and exclaiming, "This is so much fun! This is the best Christmas ever! Thanks for letting me help, and I love you, Mom!" You would have thought I had taken him to Disney, not let him play with paper and tape. It made me almost feel bad, but I know this child is not deprived of fun in his life. This one must have just hit all the right buttons for him. I meant to take a picture of him and our lovely creations, but totally forgot until I had already hung them up.

Poor Caroline is still recovering from the croup. She isn't running a fever anymore, but both kids still have a bad cough. They do pretty well until they get a burst of the crazies and start chasing each other around the house. After a few minutes, they are both coughing like lifetime smokers. It is pretty pitiful. Here Caroline nearly fell asleep in her chair waiting for lunch.

Sweet Caroline, I hope you don't ever grow into size 13 shoes! You did amaze us with actually being able to walk a little bit in Daddy's dress shoes. I think I have a picture of Rylan doing the same thing when he was your age.

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