Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rylan's 4th Birthday Party

Happy 4th Birthday, Rylan! We celebrated on Saturday with a batman party with a couple of Rylan's close friends. Again this year we were blessed with lovely weather for playing and partying outside.

The invitations.

Cupcakes! It was especially easy to have a batman themed party near Halloween. I found so many great decorations.

Stealing a kiss from the birthday boy. He won't let me do this for too many more years I'm thinking.

My favorite picture of the afternoon! Rylan, Dain and Reilly wearing their batman capes.

The rear view.

Dinner time. Once the boys had finished, Caroline moved to every single seat and cleaned up the leftovers and tried to drink everybody's juice boxes.

Happy Birthday, dear Rylan!

We did get a lot of pictures of the cupcake eating.

The cupcakes tasted as good as they looked.

Caroline was in chocolate heaven.

One more month until we celebrate Caroline's birthday.

I didn't get too many pictures of the present opening. It was all kind of a blur. We also made the mistake of telling Rylan he could open presents from the family after his party. We still had about an hour left of his party, when Rylan tried to kick everybody out the door, "Good-bye everybody, have a good night. See you later."


  1. Sara
    I have a budding Bat Man here at home too.. Did you make their capes? Did you use a pattern.. I would love to know what you used and copy one for Noah.. I cannot believe how big they are... They grow up so fast..

    Hope u are well

  2. Hi Darby, hope your family is well, also. I found the batman patterned fleece at Jo-Ann's and couldn't resist. (I was going to use plain blue fleece and felt applique the bat symbol, but this was so much easier. I measured Rylan from the base of his neck to about the back of his knees and again around his shoulders to get an idea for length and neck opening. I sewed squares of velcro to each of the "straps" and that was the only sewing required. Rylan had an old outgrown cape, so I kind of adapted the shape for a pattern. If you don't need it to be a suprise, you can always have your little guy try it on and make adjustments. Also, if you fold your fabric in half and then cut, both sides will match. Hope that helps and Noah enjoys his new cape!