Monday, August 9, 2010

Aunt Bethany's visit

We have had so much fun this past weekend with Aunt Bethany and we have even more to look forward to this week. I haven't had time to download pictures yet, but I will try as soon as I can.
On Friday we visited Helen Hunt Falls for the first time. Rylan's top request is always to be able to play in the water, so he was pleased when we found a shallow spot in the stream for wading. The water was numbingly cold, though, so none of us could stand it for long. The waterfall was really pretty and so was North Cheyenne Canon Park. I'd love to go back and explore it some more someday.
Bethany was reading the paper and saw there was going to be a pet expo on Saturday in Woodland Park. Our family is just slightly animal crazy and the possibility of combining a trip into the mountains with petting animals and stopping at the Donut Mill was too wonderful to pass up. The pet expo was small, but Rylan got to pet a kitten, tortoise, hedgehogs, and even hold a boa constrictor, which just made his day. There was also an arts and crafts expo happening at the same time and we enjoyed looking at some of the exhibits. Don't tell Charlton, but Rylan was attracted to the jewelry like a duck to water! He couldn't resist all those colorful, shiny beads and stones.
On Sunday, my Uncle Roland, Aunt Kim and three teenage cousins flew into Colorado and drove down to visit us as part of their vacation. We hiked around Garden of the Gods and then ate dinner at home. It was fun to spend some time together, the first I had seen them in two years. I had to go to work Sunday night and Charlton had to teach a class at church, so our time was cut shorter than I would like.
So I am exhausted, but truly enjoying time with family. I am hoping our two nights in Estes Park will be relaxing and restful, but I know that is a tall order where two young children are involved. Bethany is lots of help and so great with the kids, so I think that will make it easier.
A few cute things about the kids. Caroline insists on calling Aunt Bethany "Nina". She will say Bethany if I ask her to, but when she wants her aunt's attention, she yells, "Nina!" Both kids have behaved really well with all our visitors and have warmed up nicely to Bethany. I think Rylan might be in love. He wants to give her hugs and kisses which is rare for him to act this way with anyone but mom and dad. He also loves Bethany's hair and wants to play with it all the time, but he told her he doesn't like it when she puts it in a ponytail!
I think that's all for now. I'll update on our trip and post pictures when life gets back into a routine.

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